Ask a Sexy Woman Anything

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New Members please read our tribe description.

"Ask us anything -- anything at all." was the original tribe description but as we go along and learn we add to the guidelines of the tribe.

The name of this tribe probably should be Ask a Bunch of Sexy Women Anything because we have so many amazing, sexy, sensual, smart women in here willing to answer questions and share their experiences and opinions, not to mention a bunch of sexy men who can't seem to keep themselves from jumping in (o: That is totally ok, if someone wishes to pose a question just to the women of the tribe they can say so in their post, otherwise we will enjoy everyone. Anyone can ask a question no matter what gender or sexual orientation.

~~~This is not the ask a dirty chick a crude question tribe... the women in here are remarkable and represent different cities, lifestyles and points of view. they are amazing. treat them as such.~~~

***The thing I love about this tribe is that due to the amazing members it is flirty and silly, yet thoughtful and thought provoking. More than that it has been a safe place to be sexy and open about yourself without being harrassed or judged. This is IMO the most important part of this tribe. So feel free to join and ask any question you are curious about but do so in a respectful way.***

For a taste of the sexy women's ideas about proper Tribequette check out this thread.

Sexy Women, I hope you will always feel comfortable letting me know if someone from this tribe has sent you messages, or posted something that makes you uncomfortable.

~~~The Tribe Photo Album~~~
We have decided to fill the tribe photo album with sexy picture of the sexy women in this tribe. Women please add a picture of yourself if you feel comfortable doing so. If you notice a sexy picture of a woman in this tribe in her profile feel free to let me know and I will ask her if she feels comfortable sharing it with us. I will change the tribe main picture to show off all of our sexy women. ~~~ Please note! Crude, rude or disrespectful comments will NOT be tolerated in the tribe photo gallery. This is not a peep show or a porn tribe~~~

~~~Who can be a Sexy Woman?~~~
Every Woman (biological or not) is sexy in her own way. I hope this will be a safe place for women to enjoy their sexiness without having to feel like someone will judge if they are "sexy enough" to be a sexy woman.

~~~If you spam or post obviously inappropriate, rude, crude or hostile posts don't be surprised if they are deleted and you are booted from the tribe and don't expect me to waste more of my time sending you a nice explaination when we both know why your post was deleted or you got booted. Also insincere questions asked as if real will be grounds for being booted, lying and wasting people's time while asking for support and understanding on something you are making up is disrespectful.~~~ RSS Feed what is XML?

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