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  • Oh Bob, I see your number of friends has increased a whole lot since last time you posted.

    Good luck buddy
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      somehow i get the feeling that you came upon those panties in a somewhat illegal way. and if your looking at the panties to find stains. then there is something seriously wrong. especially when you start fantasing about how it got there.

      My last g/f told me that up where she lives, they finally caught a guy that had stolen several thousand pairs of panties over the years. he would break into houses and just take panties and nothing else.
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    He has way too much time on his hands and way too much time for his brain to come up with some shit. Sad he lives in front of his computer probably 24/7.....

    Now back to the regularly scheduled program - REALITY
  • I have a question about men's sweaty essence; man musk.

    I was recently in the position (How did THAT happen to lil' ol' moi?) of holding in my hands a pair of dirty, funky men's briefs. I inspected the crouch & found what appeared to be a relatively large quantity of dried man spunk- right where his cockhead would've nestled. (Some skidmarks right behind it- no mystery there- the man needs to wipe his butt more thoroughly). My fantasies drifted to imagining the man wearing these briefs, & rubbing himself under the desk at work, or while he was driving (God/dess help us) getting himself really hot & hard, & some of his pre-cum found it's way out & onto the fabric. But then I thought- what if he's naturally leaky down there all the time, & it has nothing to do w/ how aroused he's gotten? He's likely to be semi-stiff much of the time, right? Am I right? Oooooh.... PLEASE tell me I'm right!!! Or maybe... he needs to see a proctologist...

    Sexy Bob- please enlighten me? Do you ever get to interact w/ actual live mature women? Or do you just find yourself talking to their crouches & getting yr head whacked? You'll make my day if you tell me you're an evangelical preacher who rails aginst sex education & condom distribution. But you're probably just a teenager... or a guy in a really sexless marriage...yawn.

    Therapy. It's out there, waiting for you.
  • Can we just delete this whole stupid thread?

    Bob. how clueless are you anyway? Are you deliberately acting ignorant just to be rude?
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      are fearless leader must be away. otherwise she would have deleted this already most likely

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